November 10, 2011

ACTING: I so don't care about the latest American Apparel model looking ingenue getting methody

Can we cool it with the creaming our pants, everytime a glamorous actress martyrizes herself by putting on a semi-decent methody performance? When did the documentary aspect of how much torture these actresses put themselves through become more important than how these characters function in the actual narratives? Is it really THAT interesting and revelatory to us, that if an actress puts in the hard work to immerse herself in the psychosis of a character, that it'll result in a good performance?? I don't appreciate being told how AHMAAAAZING a movie is, just to end up seeing a marginally interesting (or sometimes just downright one note and witless) movie that couldn't be saved by the much lauded female lead performance du jour by the likes of Michelle Williams and Jennifer Lawrence.

To be honest, I've been burned enough times now, that I don't actually bother going to see these movies, but I'm still sick of people cooing about these movies and performances during award seasons, and having to field questions from beloved friends and not so beloved acquaintances, who are all like "You haven't seen Martha Marcy May Marlene??? But you're a film buff, you'd love it!!!!!!!" No bitch! I would not! I'd be bored and frustrated, and only mildly engaged at best. But most of all, I hate the feeling of "But what if I'm wrong???" What if the prediction I've made based on the downright scientific methodology I've cultivated over many years of being a hardcore film nerd*, that it'd be a waste of my time, based on a measured survey of various reviews, assessment of past works by involved creators, the general taste level of the people who recommend it, etc. But when I have given these things the benefit of the doubt and Netflixed these movies, time and time again, I find that there are very few suprises in life.

*Please note that this is not a smarmy attempt at a humblebrag. This is a straight up brag, and I don't mind admitting it. ;)