December 29, 2007

HOT GUY OF THE DAY: Justin Bartha

Have I mentioned how cute and funny he is in National Treasure? He's like a funny geeky American version of Gael Garcia Bernal! He's even cuter in glasses!

He's even hot when he's playing an autistic guy in Gigli, and for that he is the hot guy of the day.

Movie Review: National Tresure 2

After watching the first National Treasure movie, my dad said "all the American national treasure is stuff they stole from other countries." Nevertheless he enjoyed the movie, and I did too. So we were eager to go check out the second installment, which also featured "stuff stolen from other countries." Oh wait, did I forget to say spoiler alert? My bad.

MOVIE: Charlie Wilson's War

So I got to go see this one with the whole fam (mom, dad, and lil bro) and that was quite nice! Anyhow, I enjoyed this one, despite Aaron Sorkin's ability to annoy me even when I agree with him.

MOVIE: Sweeney Todd

Oh wow, I did not expect to be disappointed by this movie, but I totally was! Yes, it's a very good looking movie, and OMG Johnny Depp's in it! Well guess what, they made a freaking musical with a bunch of bad singers!

TV: 5 favorite shows that are interrupted by the writer's strike

So, the land of TV is going to be a pretty bleak place while this strike continues on. The influx of terrible reality shows is already making my skin crawl. I might actually have to turn my TV off and go interact with other human beings!

Well, til that day actually comes, here are 5 shows that I hope to see back on screen real soon.

December 27, 2007

I've joined the blog wars

So I've started this blog, because I need a forum to talk about the copious amounts of movies/TV I watch. I usually end up boring my friends & family by talking about stuff I watched the previous day, often when they're trying to concentrate on other tasks such as work, driving, child rearing, scientific research, etc. Now they can read my opinions when it's actually convenient for them. Also, I am a terrible public speaker. This is especially true when I get to talking about movies/TV, because I'm really hesitant to reveal plot points or give specific opinions about programs people have not yet watched.

Anyhow, here's what I'm looking forward to as I start on my merry blogging ways: