January 29, 2008

TCM Treasures: Barbarella

This movie was a blast! It really captures the late 60s mentality with kitschy eye candy and witty jabs at the idea of sexual liberation.

A Tribute to Turner Classic Movies

Tuner Classic Movies (or TCM as it shows up in your channel guide) is pretty much the greatest channel that ever existed. It is without a doubt the best resource for people who enjoy classic films.

Reality Schmeality: Making the Band 4

Yes I watch this show. Shut up, stop judging me! I mean, is it really necessary to justify our guilty pleasures any more? It seems like almost every intelligent productive people I meet admit to watching shows like Rock of Love or that Tila Tequila bisexual show, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, etc.

January 24, 2008

TV: Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I've been watching this show because a)my TV standards have been downgraded due to the writer's strike, and b)it stars Summer Glau -River from Firefly. Incidentally Summer Glau's guardian robot girl character is the only thing semi-interesting about the show. Her character reminds me a lot of Dorothy from Big O- one of those cool Japanese animation shows you can catch on Adult Swim. (Where I also discovered my fave animation show Cowboy Bebop)

January 23, 2008

MOVIE: There Will Be Blood

There are many things to love about a P.T. Anderson film. He has created so many thrilling moments that are absolutely saturated with volatility and kinetic energy. He draws out incredibly visceral & animalistic performances from his actors. Despite all this, I have been disappointed by most of his films.

HOT GUY OF THE DAY: Stephen Colbert

My fiery burning passionate love of Stephen Colbert is well known by my family & friends, so perhaps this post is redundant. But I did want to mention him today, because last night's episode of The Colbert Report was especially exceptional.


I finally caught up with this lovely musical after seeing it on various 2007 best movies lists. This movie works for all the reasons that made Sweeney Todd such a bore.

January 22, 2008

All Teched Out: The Many Options of a Modern TV Viewer

I've got the craziest set up on top of my television right now. My DVD player, cable box, and Tivo sit right on top of each other, and it's all held together by a combination of velcro tape and makeshift cardboard pivots. I keep expecting it all to come tumbling down, but it's been continuously defying the laws of physics, and holding steady. (Mom & Dad- don't worry if you're reading this, I have it set up so that it'll slide toward the wall, as opposed to everything landing on the floor, and potentially onto my feet, ouch!) I keep monitoring the velcro for any sign of peeling, but it hasn't budged even a lil bit. I'm going to monitor this situation for two more weeks, and if it's still horizontal, I'll declare myself McGyver of stacking geeky gadgets on top of non-flat surfaces.

January 18, 2008

MOVIE: Atonement

Okay kids, it's time for me to get serious, as I review a very serious movie. So, I've read the book at my mom's recommendation and enjoyed its beautiful prose style, and its use of melodramatic love in a war time story to support its overarching theme about writers & their relationship to the universes/characters they create. I wasn't especially eager to go see the movie- I felt that there were aspects of the book that would just not translate well to film. But my parents wanted to go see it, my mom because she read the book, and my dad because he heard that the war scenes were really cool.

January 17, 2008

HOT GUY OF THE DAY - Round 2(!) - Matt Taibbi

In a stunning unprecedented turn of events Matt Taibbi is bestowed the Hot Guy of the Day honor for the 2nd time in a row!!!

January 10, 2008


So, this one's kind of a cheat, because Taibbi's not really an actor or director or screen writer, but rather a political journalist. But I'm slipping this one in, because technically he's on TV sometimes.

January 03, 2008

MOVIE: The Last Castle

I saw this over the holidays sitting on the couch at my parents' place. The description read something like "Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo. A general leads a revolt against a corrupt warden at a maximum security military prison." That was good enough for me- Mark Ruffalo is hot, and y'all know I love me some war movies. This one's not technically a war movie, but it's got soldiers in it, so I figured the hot guy quotient should still be pretty good.


The relationship you have with your favorite talk show host can often be like a friendship. You develop a daily routine around your favorite shows, as they're on Monday through Friday. There's ones that you tire of after a while, but sometimes you make a special connection that lasts for many years.

TV: the return of the late night talk shows

Last night saw the return of all the late night talk shows, and I managed to catch the two bearded ones, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. (incidentally, I did catch the last 5 minutes of Jay Leno, and was excited to see Amerie performing, the genetically superior black + Korean hybrid and diva in traning). I have to say that as much as I wish for a timely end to the Writer's strike, it's a pleasure to see the strike bring out new shades of the familiar personalities.