April 04, 2011

HOT GUY OF THE DAY: Tyler Labine

Tyler Labine is back on TV!!!!!! Mad Love is a not bad sitcom that's a sibling show in many ways to How I Met Your Mother, with which it shares the 8-9pm Monday night slot on CBS. Yes, it's yet another vanilla show about New York yuppies, but it's well written and acted, and best if all it's got Tyler Labine doing his thang. His character is like a super confident chubby Barney Stinson. He's sassy, he's sarcastic, a bit of a dawg, but oh so loveable with his cute build, his cute hair, and the man can really wear a suit.

When I read Michael Chabon's Mysteries of Pittsburgh, I totally kept picturing Labine as Arthur Lecomte, an ultimate object of boyish hero worship, a larger than life character who can't help but follow his natural inclination to infuse high drama into every living moment. They made a really shitty movie out the book, not to be a total cliche fan girl here and complain about the movie not living up to the book, but seriously, they butchered the thing. The book is all about about a recent college grad experiencing in one summer, the trifecta of loves- 1) hetero love, 2) homo love, and 3) the aforementioned hero worship love. So what do they do for the movie??? They combine the gay love interest and Arthur Lecomte into one character, and cast Peter Sarsgaard as the composite character, wtf?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Anyhow, point being, in a world where I would be adapter/director of Michael Chabon novels, Tyler Labine would be given more chances to bestow his awesomeness to the world, and not just be the sassy best friend, because he's super talented, and really hot.