February 06, 2008

Reality Schmeality: Making the Band 4

Okay, are you watching this show yet?? I caught the second episode on Monday, and it just continues to be a riveting hour of television. There were further incestuous flirtating going on between the three Bad Boy bands: Dawn and Q went on a cutesy date and fed each other desserts while Robert and D. Woods had their first fight. Awesome! Also the boys couldn't get their rivalry issues worked out, and foolishly let all the drama spill out in front of their boss Diddy. Oh Diddy, I love to hate you! You are the greatest reality show villain ever! Diddy kept being amazing at being himself as he told them "Bitch-assness is a serious disease affecting our community. (dramatic pause, then in calm quiet voice) There will be no bitch-assness allowed at Bad Boy." I don't know which "community" he was referring to here, but I think bitch-assness is a disease that affect ALL communities, so well said, amen brother!

Later on, the gang puts on their Sunday bests, and goes to church! That church looks like the most fun time ever, I wish I was religious so I could join the party. Robert gets back in touch with his spiritual side by belting out a gospel number after a rough week of fighting with D. Woods, not performing well in the recording studio, being told he's too arrogant, and being accused of bitch-assness by Diddy. Seriously, why aren't you watching this yet?????