January 28, 2011

KOREAN DAD EMAIL: King's Speech inaccuracies

This is the email exchange I had with my dad regarding British royal history today. Drunk History should do a special edition with Mr. Lee.

From: Heehwan Lee [mailto:heehwanlee@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 1:12 PM
To: Lee, Virginia;
인순 ; Montgomery Lee
Subject: RE: King's Speech

Thanks for the article.

It is no wonder that Churchill's actual character was twisted
in a movie about Edward. Because Edward was a real stupid
guy and they need something to bring about some sympathy
for him. Like loyal friend.

George was not any smarter. He never forgot that Churchill
once sided with Edward. And so he accepted Churchill as the
PM after Dunkirk only because there was no other choice.
There was another really stupid guy called Lord Mountbatten
in all this, but that's another story. (This guy wasted 1,500
British and Canadian lives in a day)

From: Lee, Virginia
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 11:05 AM
To: 'Heehwan Lee';
인순 ; Montgomery Lee
Subject: King's Speech

Has anyone seen King’s Speech yet? Here’s a really interesting article by Christopher Hitchens on the historical inaccuracies in the movie, especially regarding Churchill’s characterization.