February 18, 2011

KOREAN DAD CHAT: we're gonna need a bigger blog

More gems from my dad talking about politics over chat with my lil bro- I think I may need to franchise these to a different blog...

*burger lite- is a tofu & beef combo burger that my mom has innovated that my dad has thought about patenting/manufacturing.

KOREAN DAD: Good Morning. Handsome boy.
MONTY: why do you say that
KOREAN DAD: Haircut.
KOREAN DAD: Ready for a story of a very stupid guy?
MONTY: sure
KOREAN DAD: President Lee Myung Bak (MB) despises public servants. He appointed many professors for important positions like director of IRS, national auditing bereau, etc., in the hope that these professors can push sweeping and cleaning measures in the government.
KOREAN DAD: But there is one public servant MB trusted and he appointed him for deputy defense minister in the beginning. This guy was sp powerful, he bypassed defense minister in pushing a very innovative plan. The minister complained and MB replace the minister in the next cabinet shuffling.
KOREAN DAD: This guy had a reputation that he is clean, never touched bribaries.
MONTY: and he's corrupt
MONTY: obviousily
MONTY: the public servant
KOREAN DAD: He moved to direct the Defense Indusry Bereau presiding over all military supplies and weapon production/purchase and all He has just resignes and arrested for accepting ???
KOREAN DAD: $10,000???
MONTY: wow
MONTY: u should've emailed him
MONTY: hey idiot i can make 3000 in one week with stupid call options
KOREAN DAD : You sure do know how to make a friend with a stranger.
MONTY: lol
MONTY: sorry
MONTY: laughing out loud
KOREAN DAD: Now, obviously, this guy has has someone in national DA office who agreed to cut down the amount. MB cannot afford to acknowledge that he backed up 100% a corrupted public servant, so he must put pressure to the DA.
KOREAN DAD: But i cannot believe MB's gut and thick-headedness. How can he believe that the people would buy the idea that this guy threw everything for just $10,000?
MONTY: idk
MONTY: why dont you write him an email
MONTY: you want to start complaining about all the dumb things in this world we can go on for a long time
MONTY: idk = i dont know
KOREAN DAD: I am not complaining. I am just amazed by MB's sheer stupidity.
KOREAN DAD: He used to be very smart.
MONTY: you really should start a blog
MONTY: like Virginia suggestged
MONTY: it'd be really entertaining
MONTY: then you can start selling ads
MONTY: hype up burger lite*
KOREAN DAD: Good idea, but I'll take a raincheck. I just wanted to tell you that most of these powerful and important guys are stupid.
KOREAN DAD: Napoleon confessed near the end that he made the emperor not because he was smart, but because all others were stupid. I just wanted to remind you.