December 29, 2007

Movie Review: National Tresure 2

After watching the first National Treasure movie, my dad said "all the American national treasure is stuff they stole from other countries." Nevertheless he enjoyed the movie, and I did too. So we were eager to go check out the second installment, which also featured "stuff stolen from other countries." Oh wait, did I forget to say spoiler alert? My bad.

So let me just go ahead and call this post what it is. It's not really a review, it's a straight up rebuttal. Here, I'll even bullet point.
  • It features the best bad movie Nic Cage character ever! He's like a geeky patriotic Indiana Jones who can recite the Bill of Rights by heart.
  • Justin Bartha is the cutest funniest sidekick in recent memory. He's so cute, and snarky, and cute, and adorable, and funny!
  • The relationship between Nic Cage & Diane Kruger is very well handled- wistful and sweet, it's one of the better romantic subplots I've seen recently.

Yes, this is a Jerry Bruckheimer action flick, a bruckbuster if you will, with a silly plot of the tin foil hat variety. But it's really entertaining, and well written. It actually takes a lot of creativity and hard work to make something new & fun from the mainstream genre driven format. It's not a premise that insults the audience, and it even taught me a thing or two about appreciating historical artifacts as important symbols of our society that's been lovingly preserved by historians and museum curators. You dig?