December 27, 2007

I've joined the blog wars

So I've started this blog, because I need a forum to talk about the copious amounts of movies/TV I watch. I usually end up boring my friends & family by talking about stuff I watched the previous day, often when they're trying to concentrate on other tasks such as work, driving, child rearing, scientific research, etc. Now they can read my opinions when it's actually convenient for them. Also, I am a terrible public speaker. This is especially true when I get to talking about movies/TV, because I'm really hesitant to reveal plot points or give specific opinions about programs people have not yet watched.

Anyhow, here's what I'm looking forward to as I start on my merry blogging ways:

1) My friends & family will get to know me better. When you write down your opinions, you get to really geek out and get in depth as opposed to when you're conversing and trying to sound cool. I find out new things about my friends from their blogs all the time, even people I have known for many years.

2)Exercising my brain. Writing is the best way to exercise your brain & mind. Mine has gotten pretty feeble and pathetic even at a relatively young age.

3) The comments section! I am really looking forward to having discourse through this blog. I would also love for my friends to post here eventually. I'm sure there are whole categories of movies/TV that I neglect.

Well, look out for many many posts to come about TV shows, movies, characters, and actors I love or love to hate.