December 29, 2007

TV: 5 favorite shows that are interrupted by the writer's strike

So, the land of TV is going to be a pretty bleak place while this strike continues on. The influx of terrible reality shows is already making my skin crawl. I might actually have to turn my TV off and go interact with other human beings!

Well, til that day actually comes, here are 5 shows that I hope to see back on screen real soon.

1)HOUSE has always been brilliant at defying our expectations, and the first half of this season was especially packed with surprises. House fired all three doctors from his team, then proceeded to run a Survivor/Bachelor type competition for the three jobs.

From 40 initial candidates, Kal Penn made the cut. That's right, Kumar will be sharing lots of quality screen time with Hugh Laurie. Need I say more?

(btw, I recently figured out that since House = Sherlock Holmes, that means Wilson = Watson! Isn't that cool? Okay I'm done)

2)FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is the most misunderstood show by those who shun it. I admit that I myself was very skeptical. I figured it was one of those things that get endorsed by the Bible belt for the sole purpose of annoying me. (i.e. FOX news and Carrie Underwood) But oh my god was I ever wrong, y'all! This story about a football obssessed Texas town is neither flattering nor condemning of its small town characters. It's a fascinating glimpse into how the other half lives: the other half that goes to church, hides their gays, and votes for Bush.

3)30 ROCK is the show I wish people would talk about around the water coolers instead of The Office. I actually like The Office, and I love me some Mindy Ephron("fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!). But if I overhear another "Oh my god, Jim's reaction was so funny!", why I will just go really crazy and, um, put on my headphones, and blast my iPod really loud! Oh, you don't think I'll do it, you just watch me!
Anyway, it's a great show that's hip, smart, and consistently hysterical. Tina Fey's character is an icon in the making for all the single girls out there. Also, I can't wait to see the very special 30 Rock episode that addresses the strike, as no other show does self referential quite like this one.

4)HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is alternately awesome and pedestrian. It's basically like Friends, except not awful and not out of touch. But at times it gets very wrapped up in its own New Yorker hipness, and is too clever & neurotic for its own good. But when it's good, it's so good! Neil Patrick Harris is infinitely quotable, and there are superior moments when the show really captures the romance and whimsy of life in your 20s.

5)Battlestar Galactica is not actually interrupted by the strike, but the new season (also its final season) has been postponed to March from the original January date. It's in danger of getting further postponed if the strike continues. Oh god, how will I live????!?!!?!!