January 12, 2009


So ever since I got HBO, I've wasted way too much time watching really crappy movies. One of them was Curtis Hanson's Lucky You. The whole thing was a mix of interesting tidbits about various Vegas hustler types and then really bad dramatic plot featuring dialogue with bad poker puns. Hot damn even the title is a bad poker pun! I've enjoyed Curtis Hanson stuff for the most part except for that totally unnecessary Eminem self promotion movie. Wonder Boys is one of those movies I loved in college but have grown out of since, although I still find it fun to watch. Anyhow, the important thing is that Eric Bana is reeeeeeeally hot in it. He's all leather jacket cool riding around in his motor cycle being a bad boy carrying around his daddy issues and all emotionally unavailable- so hot! I've always enjoyed him in various movies including Chopper, which is about a real life killer, which I went to go see with a date, which was a horrible idea. It got especially akward during the scene when the title character whips out his schlong because he thinks that's a good way to hit on a woman. Not romantic at all!