January 14, 2009

TV: Friday mania as two great shows come back!

So I am counting the seconds til this Friday when both Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights will premiere new seasons!

Sadly it's the last season for BSG, as it wraps up a series that has been remarkably consistent and constantly surprising. The end of last season gave the audience everything it's ever wanted in the most glorious fashion, then of course they had to go and pull the rug out from underneath our dancing feet! I can not wait to find out if Lee will stay skinny, Tigh & Six's cylon baby will live, or Adama's mustache will come back for another memorable guest appearance. Oh and also the thing about who the last cylon is.

While Friday Night Lights wouldn't make my list of best! shows! ever!, it definitley makes the fringe list, and at the least has always been thoroughly entertaining and beautifully acted by every single member of its cast. It's a great insight into how the other half lives, the other half where all the adults vote republican, actually gives a crap about highschool football, and attend mega churches. Where else could you see a show where they take you inside a mega church? It's good stuff.