January 16, 2009

TV: How great is the advertising for Kings?

I know little to nothing about the premise of upcoming NBC show Kings, but the instant I saw the beautiful subway ads, I was intrigued. I'm not able to track down a picture, but you've all seen it. It's the back of a young guy holding an orange flag with a black butterfly on it, and he's turned his face toward you ever so slightly, but you can't see his face because of the bright light that hits his face. Then I saw a tv promotion for the show featuring Ian McShane (of Deadwood!) doing what he does best, be really scary and awesome with ferocious rage! So that's about all I know, but I'm excited to check it out.

UPDATE: I took a picture of the poster described above. It's beautiful, mysterious, intriguing, easily the best subway poster I've seen in a while.
Although I am also partial to this poster of Paul Rudd from Role Models. The dope ass hair cut, the cute pout, SWOON!