January 11, 2009

Why the Gloden Globe Awards Piss Me Off

It's no news that all the big awards show suck, because the decision makers are all old industry people who who are too busy patting the backs of their fellow mainstream friends to really pay any attention to non-Hollywood media trends. Now the film nominess/winners for Golden Globe only half annoys me, the TV awards make my blood boil and that also goes for the Emmy's. The quality of television and the abundance of alternative programming has grown at such a rapid rate in the last few years, that the creaky old beigist award voters have even more trouble recognizing true television achievements than ever before. Nowadays, they seem to be sticking to the "If it's HBO, it's probably good" strategy which is especially annoying given that the major new HBO show of this year True Blood was such a silly insubstantial show, with its only merit being the abundance of sex, violence, and nudity. It's especially annoying given that The Wire -arguably the best and most important/relevant HBO show- was strangely ommitted when it came to the nominate anything HBO strategy.

I was already mildly annoyed when Gabriel Byrne, who didn't even bother showing up, won over Don Draper and Doctor freaking House! And then my inner rage really came to a full tilt when Anna Paquin won over the incomparable new talent January Jones for her performance as whiny boobs with a bad southern accent role in, you guessed it True Blood!

While the Emmy's appeased me a little when they rightly awarded 30 Rock and Mad Men, but the recurring nominations of shows like Two And A Half Men, Boston Legal, and Entourage annoy me to no end. Especially when their noms should be taken up by shows that are constantly ignored as if they don't even exist. Where is the love for the progressive comedy shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and fan favorite Flight of the Conchords? What about the incredibly talented ensemble cast of Friday Night Lights? And don't even get me started on Battlestar Galactica. It is simply a crime that Edward James Olmos is not even invited to these things while Jeremy Piven and Williams Shatner collect second and third awards for playing themselves.