January 29, 2008

Reality Schmeality: Making the Band 4

Yes I watch this show. Shut up, stop judging me! I mean, is it really necessary to justify our guilty pleasures any more? It seems like almost every intelligent productive people I meet admit to watching shows like Rock of Love or that Tila Tequila bisexual show, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, etc.

Okay now that's settled, let me just say, this new episode was SO good! This season, three different Bad Boy bands will be holed up together to record their albums all at the same time. First there's the Making the Band 4 boys(sort of a throwback New Edition type group) + Donnie the solo artist(pretty boy with 90's NSYNC hair) + Danity Kane(from Making the Band 3)
All 11 of these people go out together to celebrate, and they all immediately pair up and start flirtating! Wooha! So far so good. There's also a really juicy scene where Aubrey from Danity Kane gets scolded by Diddy for changing up her weaves without getting approval. Awesome!

I love Diddy on this show. He's always been such a sadistic bastard- so self righteous about abusing the Making the Band kids. (Remember when he made Da Band walk all the way to Brooklyn to get him cheesecake?) You gotta love moments like when Diddy bursts into a recording session, and breaks these kids' spirits by spouting gems like "This is some fake Jodeci shit!" Oh Diddy, where have you been? I missed you so so much!