January 22, 2008

All Teched Out: The Many Options of a Modern TV Viewer

I've got the craziest set up on top of my television right now. My DVD player, cable box, and Tivo sit right on top of each other, and it's all held together by a combination of velcro tape and makeshift cardboard pivots. I keep expecting it all to come tumbling down, but it's been continuously defying the laws of physics, and holding steady. (Mom & Dad- don't worry if you're reading this, I have it set up so that it'll slide toward the wall, as opposed to everything landing on the floor, and potentially onto my feet, ouch!) I keep monitoring the velcro for any sign of peeling, but it hasn't budged even a lil bit. I'm going to monitor this situation for two more weeks, and if it's still horizontal, I'll declare myself McGyver of stacking geeky gadgets on top of non-flat surfaces.

So, why oh why do I insist on cramming all these gadgets into my tiny Brooklyn apartment? Because my dear, my world is cold and gray when I'm not enjoying all the options that are available to me as a modern viewer of all things TV. Here is the comprehensive list of said options as I see it. I'd love to hear if anyone has additions to this list.

1)The good old fashioned way- satellite, cable, rabbit ears
2)DVD Player
3)DVD player that plays DivX files
6)Downloading from the internet (i.e. BitTorrent)
7)YouTube & any other types of streaming videos

How many on this list do you take advantage of? (I'm 7 for 7 of course, ha!)