January 03, 2008


The relationship you have with your favorite talk show host can often be like a friendship. You develop a daily routine around your favorite shows, as they're on Monday through Friday. There's ones that you tire of after a while, but sometimes you make a special connection that lasts for many years. You get to know these people pretty well over time. You start remembering details like who their favorite author is, or what kind of music they like. You notice when they get a new haircut, or if they've gained a little weight, and eventually you can tell when they don't like the guest they're interviewing. As they get older, you do too, and this could go on for ten, fifteen years, and sometimes even longer.

I never really got into any of the female oriented day time talk shows- I don't want to get mentored about my personal life by Oprah. I've always been more drawn to the late night comedy boys club. (BTW, it's not that I prefer hanging with boys over girls- it's just that TV executives are very myopic about the types of women who should be represented in such forums.) I started watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien 9 years ago, during my freshman year in college. It started out as a massive crush, and over the years it has developed into a beautiful glowing ember of a friendship. I never watch his show sitting down any more, as I'm so familiar with his jokes and sketches. Usually I'm cleaning my room or checking emails, and only half paying attention. A lot of times hits bits don't make me laugh, but it's comforting to have them play in the background. These days, Stephen Colbert seems to be the guy that lights my fire the way Conan used to, but Conan is like the husband that I love and will come home to at the end of the day. He's a bit a of a nerd, a bit of a scholar, and his self deprecating routine can get a little tiring, but he's a gentleman at heart and I love him. I look forward to spending another decade growing old with him, and for the he is the hot guy of the day.