January 24, 2008

TV: Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I've been watching this show because a)my TV standards have been downgraded due to the writer's strike, and b)it stars Summer Glau -River from Firefly. Incidentally Summer Glau's guardian robot girl character is the only thing semi-interesting about the show. Her character reminds me a lot of Dorothy from Big O- one of those cool Japanese animation shows you can catch on Adult Swim. (Where I also discovered my fave animation show Cowboy Bebop) They're both stoic in demeanor, because, duh they're robots. But they are curious about human behavior, and are always observing. Well, that's about all I have to say about this clunker of a show. I usually just have it on in the background while I clean my room or check my emails or whatever. The special effects are pretty cool though. Awesome, brah!