January 23, 2008

HOT GUY OF THE DAY: Stephen Colbert

My fiery burning passionate love of Stephen Colbert is well known by my family & friends, so perhaps this post is redundant. But I did want to mention him today, because last night's episode of The Colbert Report was especially exceptional. They showed a short documentary piece about how black nurses striked for equal wages during the Civil Rights Movement in South Carolina. Turns out the only hospital administrator who was willing to talk to the nurses was Colbert's father, who managed to negotiate a raise for the black hospital workers in the midst of heated opposition from his colleagues. Colbert still managed to tie up this tribute to his father in a hillarious way that was true to his self serving TV alter ego, but nonetheless it was nice to see him relate this personal family history. I know that Stephen's father died in a plane crash when Stephen was pretty young, and it added to the poignancy of this tribute.

Later on Stephen interviewed Andrew Young, the civil rights activist who negotiated with Stephen's father on behalf of the nurses. He simply asked him "Do you remember my father?" Young answered "I do, very very well," and proceeded to tell us the story of the negotiation. I think often the best way to remember our dearly departed ones is to tell their stories, and it was nice to have such an intimate moment on The Colbert Report.

Um... and for that he is the Hot Guy of the Day.