January 10, 2008


So, this one's kind of a cheat, because Taibbi's not really an actor or director or screen writer, but rather a political journalist. But I'm slipping this one in, because technically he's on TV sometimes. I first learned about Matt from seeing him interviewed on The Daily Show, and last night he was interviewed on The Colbert Report. The interview was kind of a dissapointment as Matt didn't really push very hard to get his opinions in, which you have to do when you're interviewing with Colbert. Though his interviewing style is mild mannered and pleasant, in writing he is caustic, hillarious, and insightful. He's also had a pretty illustrious life, playing basketball in Mongolia, running a newspaper in Russia, chasing John Kerry around in a gorilla suit, and canoeing with Sean Penn in New Orleans after Katrina. And for that he is the hot guy of the day.

Check out Matt's profile on the presidential candidates:
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Barack Obama
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Rudy 91ul1ani
Fred Thompson
Mike Huckabee
Hillary Clinton