January 29, 2008

TCM Treasures: Barbarella

This movie was a blast! It really captures the late 60s mentality with kitschy eye candy and witty jabs at the idea of sexual liberation. Jane Fonda is such a standout here. She is so young and lovely, and her acting is top notch. It's so satisfying to see her tackle this character with such dead pan naivete, but at the same time this is clearly the work of an intelligent actress who fully understands the inherent comedy in the material. And what about all her dope ass outfits, they are total hotness! No wonder all these actresses are standing in line to play her in a new version. Who wouldn't want to rock the Brigitte Bardot hair style, metallic mini disco dresses, and futuristic hooker boots??

BTW, Barbarella is pretty different from most movies I end up watching on TCM, but TCM being the greatest channel there is, they have a lot of cool alternative programming. I think I even saw Russ Myer's Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! on there once.